Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project II, PLN Post I

Initial thoughts on a PLN:

diagram of an Educator's PLN

Although I am still slightly confused as to how exactly a program like Symbaloo fits into all this--I like the ideas expressed in Fall 2009's Project 6 Instructions concerning a PLN. The basic concept is easy enough to understand: an expansion of networking into the technological realm that is more substantial (in content) than the "social" aspect. The network should comprise of a variety of people discussing a variety of issues from a variety of perspectives that ultimately leads to a greater understanding by the individual. In the short time that I have been cognizant of this idea, I have found a few resources which seem rather promising (for my field, at least):

and on twitter:

I also plan to get in touch with a few of my former teachers, the ones that really inspired me to learn, and see if they wouldn't mind me picking their brains on a few matters as well.

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