Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Brian Bennett's Blog

post one (10/20):

Brian Bennett compares the flow of a music record to the flow of the classroom in his article "I Learned a Lesson from my iPod". He states that musicians create an intentional flow to an album and that teachers should follow in their likeness. Creating meaningful transitions between lesson plans eliminates (at least a percentage) of the "But whyyyyyy do I have to learrrrrrrn thiiiiiisss?" nags from students. Every lesson should have a decipherable, meaningful point that students comprehend and respect. Such transitions evident in an effective flow of lessons should aid this hesitation to learn by students.
original ipod

post two (11/3):

In this post, Brian Bennett expresses his hesitations on a recently published Wired article ( See it here.) He includes the email he sent to the group expressing his concerns over the lack of credit given to teachers in the article. The article takes the view that students may freely explore the internet to get the education they need. Mr. Bennett obviously does not agree with this as he argues that "the role of the teacher is to provide context for the content". See his letter, article, and my comment here.

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