Wednesday, October 30, 2013

C4K October

October 13th: Cameron

In this post, entitled "Out of My Mind", Cameron steps out of his/her mind to imagine what it would be like to be disabled. See the post (and my comment) here.

October 20th: Michelle

In her post "The First Day of 7th Grade Science", Michelle relates the processes of her various experiments. The first experiment of the science lab was to create a Potato Head figure out of an actual potato. After creating the potato figures (Michelle later tells me exactly how she decorated hers), students placed a portion of their potatoes in a test tube and covered it with peroxide water. I'm supposing the peroxide water reacted with the starch in the potato and created a bubbly fizz. Michelle thought "it was cool". She then states that two weeks later she conducted a gummy bear experiment with her best friend. Students kept a gummy bear in water and periodically took it out and checked its weight. Michelle seems to really enjoy 7th Grade Science class so far! See her post here.
Michelle's reply

October 27th: rocky78

In the post "Cars and How Cars Move", Rocky displays interest in the relationship between gas and vehicles. He imagines conducting an experiment in which he examines the results when only filling a car's gas tank half-full. See his post (and my comment) here.

October 29th (due 11/3): Will K.

In his post, Will K. is asking fellow bloggers who they think will win the World Series (Boston Red Sox or St. Louis Cardinals). Will and I agreed that the Sox should win the Series because both our teams (the Royals and the Braves respectively) are out of the running. Will also reminded me that Alexander Cartwright is responsible for creating the All-American sport of baseball. See his post (and my comment) here.

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