Sunday, October 13, 2013

C4T #2

21 Apples

avrind s grover

Why #Educon is a Place I Wanted to Recruit a Faculty from (and am still trying to)

In this post, avrind s grover describes a new kind of high school which he is creating. He briefly describes Educon as the creation of his friend Chris Lehmann. I found his answer to the question "what is best for high school students?" very interesting as it differs so greatly from the high school from which I graduated. I really admired the structure that is implemented in this schedule and the passion that avrind s grover shows towards his new high school. See his post here.
my comment

Preventing Racist Halloween Costumes

In this post, avrind s grover shares the campaign of Ohio University's "STARS" which advocates critical thinking on the part of students to insure that they are not presenting themselves in racially conflicting attire. He also poses the question: "How does your school go about getting into a mess with costumes?" which several contributors responded to wisely. See the post here.

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