Wednesday, November 20, 2013

PLN Report #2 (Final)

While I admit that I definitely have room to grow in my PLN endeavors, I'd say that so far I've done fairly well. Twitter is probably going to be my go-to database for new ideas because it is so easy to browse a large variety of ideas as well as gather news information and the endeavors of other teachers I am following. I have yet to find a blog to regularly consult but only because I haven't explored blogs on my own yet. Before I graduate and leave Mobile, I plan to meet with all the teachers that positively affected me as a student so that I can pick their brains for ideas about education and how exactly they conducted their classrooms. I definitely hope to stay in touch with these teachers afterwards as well. Perhaps, I can share some of the magic of technology with them in order to do so. I look forward to expanding my PLN in the future.
the networked educator

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