Wednesday, November 13, 2013

C4K November



Lave @ Pt England School

Given 40 minutes to write about a topic of his choosing, Year 8 student Lave depicted a typical game of paintball with his family. He uses powerful descriptions through similes and metaphors, adjectives, and forceful verbs. He also uses a fantastic narrative voice as well as onomatopoeia to give his narrative more of a BANG! (get it?) See his full story, along with my comment here.


Mrs. Yollis' Third Grade Class

In this blog post, Mrs. Yollis describes a recent project she created with her class. She basically requested that her students create a digital family tree, and had her students' friends and family members comment on the post in honor of "Family Blogging Month". This exercise, to me, exemplifies how to incorporate the community in the classroom. See the original post (hopefully, along with my comment) here.

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