Thursday, November 14, 2013


1: 11/10

Mrs. Kathleen Morris

In this post, Mrs. Morris illustrates the many potential uses of blogging in the classroom--particularly related to meeting the literacy requirements for her students. Mrs. Morris emphasizes that we need to make our students transliterate (basically, able to read all different sorts of media) because it is a necessary skill for the betterment of their education. From literacy rotations to blogging portfolios, Mrs. Morris continues to instill the importance of blogging in the classroom to her readers. Mrs. Morris also gives great advice about blogging in her comments to her readers in the comment section.
See the full article (and hopefully my post) here.
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2: 11/17

Mrs. Kathleen Morris

Mrs. Morris demonstrates the triviality of work sheets and busy work in this post. She has been asked to clean out her room (maternity leave, yay!) so she focuses mostly on condensing all of her materials from her room. Her greatest lament seems to be her initial respect for work sheets. I agree with this epiphany of Mrs. Morris--only, I had it as a student. Worksheets rarely (if ever) encourage critical thinking, which (I believe) is the purpose of education. See her full article, as well as my comment here.

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  1. Hey Laura,
    I think that the teacher you had, Mrs. Kathleen Morris, for this assignment is passionate about blogging. She is right when she expresses that our students need to be more transliterate. There are different types of media that are being introduced into schools for learning. Blogging can assist in a child's reading, writing, and aid in using different technologies. After taking this EDM310 class, blogging will be one tool that I will use.