Friday, September 27, 2013

C4K September


one: emy k. 9/15: "This I Believe"

For her "This I Believe" essay, Emy K chose to write about bullying. Emy K was brave enough to share her personal experience with bullying in her school and the consequences that ensued. Incorporating her own research, Emy K provided an excellent stand against bullying in her blog post. See the post here.

two: Blake 9/22: "Favourite Sport"

Blake is a fifth year student in Australia. His post pertained to sports. He asked his readers to comment with their favorite sport. He said his is "AFL" which stands for the Australian Football League, or soccer in America. See his post here.

three: Sohel 9/29 "youth town"

Sohel is also a fifth year student, but he lives in Auckland New Zealand (which is a really cool place that i would LOVE to visit). In his post, he relayed the events of a class visit to "youth town" in which students swam or played games. He painted three pictures of sharks and had "morning tea". See his post here.

four: Ayla 9/30 "How Much Does the Sky Weigh?"

Ayla is a sixth grader a little ways north of Mobile in Robertsdale, Alabama. She gave an excellent description of how heavy the sky is and an explanation concerning how it doesn't crush us all. My favorite part was her comparison of "5 million billion tons" (the weight of the sky) to "about 570,000,000,000,000 adult Indian elephants". See her post here.

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